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Trust Matters...

You’ll know in just a few moments if my photography moves you.

Wedding photography, perhaps more than any other genre, is about understanding a couple’s connection.  And to be successful, a photographer must “get it”.  Before I commit to an important event like a wedding I want to be sure I understand who you are as a couple and what matters to you.  Let’s meet over Skype or grab a coffee.  I want you to be comfortable with me as much as I want to be comfortable with you.

My approach to wedding photography focuses on capturing candid emotion and connections.

I’m not big on posing, but some carefully planned, low stress shots are something you’ll probably want.

I believe the the best laid plans also tend to be produce the worst results.  It’s a bit like taking your camera to the zoo with the preconceived notion that you will take a picture of a penguin.  When you get there, you go to the penguin area and learn that the exhibit is temporarily closed.  So you sit patiently and wait for the exhibit to open back up.  The trouble is, it doesn’t.  What did you miss?  The Elephants?  They were out giving themselves dust baths that would have produced an amazing photo.  The Gorillas? (I love gorillas)  They were sitting as close as you could imaging to the side of their habitat…  The lesson?  Don’t miss the amazing stuff that’s happening while you’re stuck searching for a penguin.  This is how I approach weddings, I look for magic and capture it…I don’t plan for magic to happen, I stay alert and capture it when I feel it.

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